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The Iraq Syndrome

Author: John Mueller

Public support for the war in Iraq has followed the same course as it did for the wars in Korea and Vietnam: broad enthusiasm at the outset with erosion of support as casualties mount. The experience of those past wars suggests that there is nothing President Bush can do to reverse this deterioration -- or to stave off an "Iraq syndrome" that could inhibit U.S. foreign policy for decades to come.

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Transatlantic Approaches to International Law (PDF)

Author: John Bellinger

Essay by John Bellinger, legal adviser to the U.S. secretary of state, based on a presentation he delivered to the Atlantic Council at a November 2005 workshop regarding Transatlantic Approaches to the International Legal Regime in an Age of Globalization and Terrorism.

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What Political Institutions Does Large-Scale Democracy Require?

What Political Institutions Does Large-Scale Democracy Require? Robert A. Dahl, Political Science Quarterly, Summer 2005

The author examines the political institutions necessary for a democratic country. He argues that a large-scale democracy requires the following political institutions: elected officials; free, fair, and frequent elections; freedom of expression; alternative sources of information; associational autonomy; and inclusive citizenship...

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