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Our Common Cause and Shared Responsibility

Speaker: Lawrence Cannon
Presider: G. Richard Thoman

Lawrence Cannon, Canadian minister of foreign affairs, examines how the new economic goals set forth by President Obama can be realized in Canada and how both countries continue to work together in addressing issues abroad and trans-nationally.

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Op-Ed Rigid immigration policy hurts U.S.

Rigid immigration policy hurts U.S.

Author: Edward Alden
San Francisco Chronicle

Since 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. immigration policy has been focused mostly on keeping out those we don't want. In this San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Edward Alden argues that this single-mindedness has come with a high cost to our economy and reputation in the world.

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Op-Ed The Great Wall of the United States

The Great Wall of the United States

Author: Edward Alden
The Globe and Mail

The next Canadian government must try to nudge the next U.S. administration back to the spirit of the 2001 Smart Border accords, which attempted to balance security and commerce concerns. Edward Alden writes that rebuilding trust between the U.S. and Canada over border issues will be critical for both countries.

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