Preventive Action Update

March 1, 2011

Director's Note

In a testament to the Center for Preventive Action's (CPA) work, much of the current turmoil roiling North Africa and the Middle East was anticipated in our 2011 Preventive Priorities Survey conducted at the end of last year. The survey specifically listed acute political instability in Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia as probable scenarios affecting countries of strategic importance to the United States. Moreover, nearly two years ago, CPA recognized the potential for Egyptian instability; we organized a roundtable to discuss such a contingency and asked CFR Senior Fellow Steven Cook to author a Contingency Planning Memorandum, Political Instability in Egypt. Over the past few weeks, it has understandably become one of's most-downloaded publications. In the months ahead, CPA plans to dig deeper into the situations in Yemen and Saudi Arabia by contributing analysis of the United States' policy options for preventive action. I hope that you will continue to follow CPA's work as we strive to provide thoughtful, over-the-horizon insight into crises that may arise around the world.

Best Wishes,

Paul B. Stares

General John W. Vessey Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Preventive Action, Council on Foreign Relations

Political Instability in Egypt

Violence in Egypt

by Steven A. Cook

This Contingency Planning Memorandum from August 2009 identified the policy challenges the United States would face if Mubarak's rule over Egypt were challenged.

What Country Is Next?

Download CPA's 2011 Preventive Priorities Survey, which highlights countries where political violence could occur this year.

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