Combating Extremism through Civil Society

Combating Extremism through Civil Society is a major research area of CFR's Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative. The question of what governments and societies should do to challenge and reduce the appeal of political extremism has come to the fore in recent years. Many fear that radicalized groups and individuals seek to exploit open societies and democratic institutions in the West and in Muslim-majority countries to gain popularity and power. The potential success of these groups poses considerable social, political, and security concerns around the world. The Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative is examining a variety of related topics, including ways in which recruitment into extremism can be interrupted, the effectiveness of deradicalization programs, and the role of education and civil society in curbing extremism and offering attractive, alternative narratives to young people.

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Reforming the Muslim Brotherhood

Author: Ed Husain

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood needs to withdraw and reform if it's to become a viable political force in the years ahead. CFR's Ed Husain highlights a course for change.

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