Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development is a major research area of CFR's Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative. The business environment necessary for entrepreneurship to flourish is closely related to the political environment needed for stable democracy. Problems such as capricious state authority, corruption, and poor education hinder both private enterprise and democratic governance. Entrepreneurship itself can also serve as a potent antidote to excessive state authority. However, the correlation between economic and political freedom is far from exact. The Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative aims to understand how best to promote entrepreneurship and its connection to broader economic growth and democracy. One priority is women’s roles as entrepreneurs and contributions to economic development, especially in post-conflict settings.

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Grameen vs. Bangladesh

Author: Jagdish N. Bhagwati
Project Syndicate

Jagdish Bhagwati examines the current feud in Bangladesh between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Mohammed Yunus, the founder of the microloan-making Grameen Bank, and hopes the affair will pave the way to liberal reforms that will transform the Bangladeshi economy.

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Haiti's Redevelopment Obstacles

Haiti's Redevelopment Obstacles

Jacques-Philippe Piverger interviewed by Toni Johnson

One year after Haiti's earthquake, a contested presidential election, the return of Baby Doc Duvalier, and problems with redevelopment hobble the country's efforts to rebuild, says Haitian philanthropist Jacques-Philippe Piverger.

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Charter Cities: New Options for the Bottom Billion

Speaker: Paul Romer
Presider: Sebastian Mallaby

Economist Paul Romer describes the concept for charter cities as "special reform zones that allow governments to quickly adopt innovative new systems of rules," in order to "create opportunities for millions of people to...lead safer, healthier, and more prosperous lives." Join Romer as he describes both the historical origins of this approach and promising new applications.

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Fostering Development in an Era of Constrained Resources

Speaker: Jose W. Fernandez

Jose W. Fernandez, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs, discusses the need to emphasize development as economic growth with social inclusion. During a recession, efforts should focus on the intersection of business and development, or how to foster growth"while making a buck," according to Secretary Fernandez.

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