Leadership and Staff

CSMD Fellows

Shannon K. O'Neil
Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director of the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Program

Former assistant professor of political science at Columbia University. Author of Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the Road Ahead. Expertise includes U.S.-Latin American relations, North America, energy policy, trade, political and economic reforms, immigration, and security.

Expertise: Latin America, Mexico, Brazil; policy reform; security; trade; energy; immigration.


Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Journalist and researcher focusing on U.S. foreign policy, international development, women and economic development, and global entrepreneurship. Contributing editor at-large for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, and author of New York Times bestseller The Dressmaker of Khair Khana: a book about a young woman whose business supported her family and community in Afganistan when the Taliban was in power there.

Expertise: Economic growth and development, development and the role of women, Afghanistan, entrepreneurship and role of business environment, women and nation-building, military and economic development, economics and fiscal policy, maternal and reproductive health, role of international institutions in women's empowerment.

Catherine Powell
Fellow for the Women and Foreign Policy Program

Associate Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law. From 2009 to 2012 she served on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Policy Planning Staff (on gender, human rights, and international organizations) and on the National Security Staff as director for human rights in the Obama administration. She is the author of Libya: A Multilateral Constitutional Moment? (American Journal of International Law, 2012) and A Missed Opportunity to Lead by Example (New York Times, "Room for Debate on Have Treaties Gone Out of Style?," 2012). She is currently writing on gender, development, and national security matters.

Expertise: International law and organizations, human rights and democracy, gender, comparative constitutional law, human rights and law reform

Rachel Vogelstein
Fellow for the Women and Foreign Policy Program

Author of Ending Child Marriage: How Elevating the Status of Girls Advances U.S. Foreign Policy Objectives (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 2013). An attorney by training with expertise in women's issues. Adjunct professor of women's rights at Georgetown University. Director of policy and senior advisor in the Office of Global Women's Issues within the Office of the Secretary of State at the U.S. Department of State from 2009 to 2012. Recipient of the Secretary of State's Superior Honor Award and a National Association of Women Lawyers Award.

Expertise: Women and foreign policy, human rights, child marriage, global health, maternal and child health, education, development and the role of women.

Research Staff

Aala Abdelgadir
Research Associate

Hannah Chartoff
Research Associate

Gilberto Garcia
Research Associate

CSMD Contributers

John Campbell

Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies

Expertise: Nigeria, South Africa, U.S.policy toward Africa; HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Jared Cohen

Adjunct Fellow

Expertise: Terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran.

Joshua Kurlantzick

Fellow for Southeast Asia

Expertise: Southeast Asia, China; Asian regionalism; public diplomacy; democratization in the developing world.