The Center for Universal Education


As of July 1, 2009, the Center for Universal Education has moved to Brookings Institution. For more information, please visit CUE’s new website at:


Founded in 2002 by Gene Sperling, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) is the first center at a major think tank focusing exclusively on the provision of quality, universal basic education among the world's poorest children.

The center's analyses and recommendations have been instrumental in the development of a global architecture for universal education. Sperling and the center's recommendations have been particularly influential in the development of the bipartisan Education for All Act of 2007, the strengthening of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (FTI), the UK's major expansion of basic education funding under Gordon Brown's leadership, the recommendations of the UN Millennium Task Force Report on Education and Gender Equity, and strengthening the overall global aid architecture for education.

The center also works closely with the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict (EPCC) to produce policy papers that address the need for innovative, cutting-edge strategies to educate children in conflict settings. Recommendations were presented to major G8 development agencies, UN agencies, and the World Bank at major forums in Cairo, London, Bonn, and Tokyo.