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Global Cooperation in Space

Global Cooperation in Space

In IIGG's new Policy Innovation Memo, Micah Zenko discusses the need for rules of the road as space grows more "congested, contested, and competitive."

CFR Books and Reports

UN Security Council Enlargement and U.S. Interests

UN Security Council Enlargement and U.S. Interests

In this Council Special Report, IIGG's Stewart Patrick and Kara McDonald explore the potential for UN Security Council Enlargement, and provide policy recommendations for assessing the right time to proceed, and standards for identifying the scope and nature of reform.
The Proliferation Security Initiative

The Proliferation Security Initiative

Emma Belcher examines the Proliferation Security Initiative's success in allowing countries to interdict suspected shipments of material for weapons of mass destruction, and assesses the advantages of such informal multilateralism.

The Internationalist Video Series

  • Beyond the BRICS

    A second tier of middle-income powers is emerging beyond the Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa (BRICS) group. These countries complicate traditional conceptions of East vs. West and developed vs. developing nations. IIGG Director Stewart M. Patrick analyzes the global impact of this shift.


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