Leadership and Contributors


Stewart M. Patrick

Senior Fellow and Director, International Institutions and Global Governance Program

Former State Department policy planning staff member. Current work focuses on U.S. policy toward global governance. Author of Weak Links: Fragile States, Global Threats, and International Security (Oxford University Press, May 2011).

Expertise: Multilateral cooperation, international institutions and global governance; United Nations; weak and failing states; foreign assistance and post-conflict reconstruction; transnational threats; U.S. foreign policy; diplomatic history.

Miles Kahler

Distinguished professor at the School of International Service, American University. Current work examines the growing influence of emerging economies on global governance and U.S. response. Recent publications include Integrating Regions: Asia in Comparative Perspective (2013) and Politics in the New Hard Times (2013).

Expertise: Global and regional governance; international economic and financial institutions; Asia-Pacific regional institutions; role of the United States and the emerging economies in global and regional institutions.

Research Staff

Alexandra Kerr
Assistant Director, International Institutions and Global Governance

Daniel Chardell
Research Associate, International Institutions and Global Governance

Naomi Egel
Research Associate, International Institutions and Global Governance

CFR Contributors

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of CFR fellows who have contributed to IIGG projects.

John B. Bellinger III
Adjunct Senior Fellow for International and National Security Law

Yanzhong Huang

Senior Fellow for Global Health

Robert Kahn
Steven A. Tananbaum Senior Fellow for International Economics

Karen Kornbluh
Senior Fellow for Digital Policy

Joshua Kurlantzick
Fellow for Southeast Asia

Matthew Waxman
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Law and Foreign Policy

Micah Zenko
Senior Fellow

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