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Out of Area, Out of Business?

Author: Stewart M. Patrick
National Interest Online

Stewart M. Patrick argues that in Afghanistan, NATO is at risk of losing its relevance, and Washington should broaden NATO's horizons by seeking allied support for a regional approach to the conflict.

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Expert Brief Fight the Fire, then Redesign the Firehouse

Fight the Fire, then Redesign the Firehouse

Author: Stewart M. Patrick

While some G-20 leaders want to map out a "New Deal for the Twenty-First Century," CFR's Stewart Patrick says they risk spawning a twenty-first century version of the Great Depression if they don't agree on coordinated short-term steps to stimulate economic activity and to ensure both credit and trade flow freely.

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Extreme Makeover, International Edition

Author: Stewart M. Patrick
Bellville News-Democrat

Today's global architecture should reflect contemporary power realities that have developed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, writes Stewart Patrick. Instead, the world must make do with creaky bodies like the G8, United Nations, IMF and NATO, whose agendas, capabilities and governance structures reflect a world that no longer exists.

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