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U.S.-Cuba Policy: Time for a Change?

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Foreign Affairs Article

Cuba After Communism

by Julia E. Sweig and Michael Bustamante

Cuba has entered a new era of economic reform that defies easy comparison to post-Communist transitions elsewhere. Washington should take the initiative and establish a new diplomatic and economic modus vivendi with Havana.


Foreign Affairs Article

Mexico Makes It

by Shannon K. O'Neil

Even as Mexico continues to struggle with grave security threats, its steady rise is transforming the country's economy, society, and political system. Given the Mexico's bright future and the interests it shares with the United States in energy, manufacturing, and security, Washington needs to start seeing its southern neighbor as a partner instead of a problem.




Think Again: Immigration

by Shannon K. O'Neil
Foreign Policy

Shannon K. O'Neil says after Republicans' election-year drubbing, the United States has an historic opportunity to fix its broken immigration system. And the arguments against reform simply don't hold up anymore.



CFR Latin America Experts

  • Dr. Julia Sweig Dr. Julia Sweig Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director for Latin America Studies.
  • Dr. Dr. Shannon K. O’Neil Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies

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