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First Take Iran's Marginal UN Moment

Iran's Marginal UN Moment

Author: Ray Takeyh

President Ahmadinejad's final UN General Assembly address lacked the bombast of previous speeches and added little to the debate over Iran's nuclear program, says CFR's Ray Takeyh.

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Testing the Surge: Why Did Violence Decline in Iraq in 2007?

Authors: Stephen D. Biddle, Jeffrey A. Friedman, and Jacob Shapiro
International Security

Examining the decline of violence in Iraq at the end of 2007, Stephen Biddle, Jeffrey A. Friedman, and Jacob Shapiro argue, "A synergistic interaction between the surge and the [Sunni] Awakening was required for violence to drop as quickly and widely as it did: both were necessary; neither was sufficient."

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All the Ayatollah's Men

Author: Ray Takeyh
The National Interest

Ray Takeyh argues that, even two decades after his death, the legacy of Aya­tollah Ruhollah Khomeini still permeates policymaking in Iran—and often in ways Western observers are unable to understand.

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Brother Knows Best

Author: Steven A. Cook
Foreign Policy

Steven A. Cook says Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsy, is outsmarting the generals, looking to be "much more than the weak transitional figure the SCAF has sought to make him."

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Sanctions: Strategy, Implementation and Enforcement

Author: Ray Takeyh

In his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives, Ray Takeyh discusses the conflicting priorities of Iran's Supreme Leader. Khamenei needs America as an enemy and a robust nuclear infrastructure to legitimize his rule. Yet, these enmities only further erode his economy and potentially threaten his hold on power.

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Steven Cook and Anya Schmemann on the U.S.-Turkey Relations Task Force Report

Authors: Steven A. Cook and Anya Schmemann
Council on Foreign Relations

Steven Cook and Anya Schmemann say that Turkey is a rising regional and global power that's more democratic, prosperous, and politically influential than it was a decade ago. However, it's not well understood in the United States, and the U.S.-Turkey Relations Task Force Report seeks to provide a better understanding and fuller picture of this significant country as it continues its consequential transformation.

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