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Louvre Accord

Statement of the G6 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

Published February 22, 1987


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1. Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors of six major industrialized countries met today in Paris to conduct multilateral surveillance of their economies in the framework of the Tokyo Economic Declaration of May 6, 1986 pursuant to which the group of seven Finance Ministers was formed. The Ministers and Governors, using a range of economic indicators,reviewed current economic developments and prospects. The Managing Director of the IMF participated in the discussions.

2. The Ministers and Governors were of the view that further progress had been made since the Tokyo Summit in their efforts to achieve a sustainable, non-inflationary expansion. Their national economies are now in the fifth year of expansion, and the prospects are for continued growth this year, although the level of unemployment remains unacceptably high in some countries. A high degree of price stability has been attained, and there have been substantial reductions in interest rates. Exchange rare adjustments have occurred which will contribute importantly in the period ahead to the restoration of a more sustainable pattern of current accounts.

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