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Protecting American Consumers Every Step of the Way

Published September 10, 2007



Protecting American Consumers Every Step of the Way

Established by Executive Order 13439, the Interagency Working Group on Import Safety is composed of senior officials from 12 federal agencies and departments. The introduction to their report to President Bush on import safety says, "The Working Group has held initial consultations with the private sector, reviewed and assessed current import safety procedures and methods, surveyed the authorities and practices of federal government agencies, and worked with the importing community to begin identifying best practices. This initial report begins the process of identifying the necessary action steps to enhance the safety of imported products consistent with domestic requirements and without unduly burdening international trade or increasing costs.

This Strategic Framework is based on information provided to the Working Group by each of the member departments and agencies. It also is informed by a nationwide fact-finding mission by members of the Working Group, and initial discussions with private sector entities representing different components of the importing community.

This Strategic Framework will be followed by an Action Plan in mid-November 2007, which will take into account information gathered from discussions with individuals and leaders representing all aspects of the importing and consuming communities and written comments from the public. The Action Plan will set out a road map with short- and long-term recommendations for improving import safety."