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Trade Strategies for a New Era

Ensuring U.S. Leadership in a Global Economy

Editors: Bruce Stokes, and Geza Feketekuty

Trade Strategies for a New Era - trade-strategies-for-a-new-era
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Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press

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Price $24.95 hardcover

ISBN 0876092091


Trade Strategies for a New Era proposes concrete ways to cut the U.S. trade deficit, to deal with commercial problems arising from Asia's economic woes, and to bring back on track the recently derailed U.S. presidential fast-track authority. It offers a strategy to build the necessary bipartisan support inside the United States for trade policy and to help U.S. companies gain access to foreign markets.

A collection of short chapters written by key members of Congress, former top officials of the U.S. Trade Representative's Office, expert analysts, and senior business executives, this book goes beyond traditional trade concerns to address problems of global corruption, regulatory reform, environmental and labor objections to trade, and the public's growing distrust of economic globalization. The book also sheds new light on how the United States has acquired a strong competitive position in the high value-added segments of most industries—from steel to computers to textiles—even as it has yielded its dominant position manufacturing products requiring little input from technology or skilled workers.

More About This Publication

Geza Feketekuty is director of the Center for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Bruce Stokes is senior fellow and director of trade programs at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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