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The New York Times: From Russia, ‘Tourists’ Stir the Protests

Author: Andrew Roth
March 3, 2014


"As pro-Russia demonstrations in 11 cities have suddenly erupted where significant populations of ethnic Russians live, the apparent organization of the demonstrators, appearances of Russian citizens and reports of busloads of activists arriving from Russia itself suggest a high degree of coordination with Moscow."

DONETSK, Ukraine — Around the south and east of Ukraine, in vital cities in the country's industrial heartland, ethnic Russians have staged demonstrations and stormed buildings demanding a wider invasion of their country by Moscow.

But some of the people here calling for Russian intervention are themselves Russian — "protest tourists" from across the border.

They have included passport-carrying Russians, like Aleksey Khudyakov, a pro-Kremlin Muscovite who said he traveled here "to watch and maybe to give some advice." In Kharkiv, another Russian scaled a government building to dramatically plant his country's flag — offering at least the image that President Vladimir V. Putin's forces were being invited in.

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