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Reuters: Hedging Their Bets, Ukraine's Oligarchs Sit Above the Fray

Authors: Matt Robinson, and Pavel Polityuk
December 6, 2013


"The crisis unleashed by Yanukovich's rejection of EU overtures in favour of closer ties with former master Moscow has cast fresh light on the intrigue and promiscuous politics of Ukraine's post-Orange Revolution elite; like all good businessmen, oligarchs hedge their bets."

With 350,000 anti-government protesters packed into the capital Kiev on Sunday, the anchor on Ukraine's top television channel, firmly aligned with President Viktor Yanukovich, appeared to go off script.

"History is being made today," he said. "There is a feeling of having woken up in a different country."

The opposition was enraged by Yanukovich's decision last month to ditch a landmark accord to deepen relations with the European Union - under Russian pressure - and by the brutal police crackdown against protests that followed.

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