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America and the World: Debating the New Shape of International Politics (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair, and James F. Hoge Jr.

America and the World: Debating the New Shape of International Politics (Foreign Affairs Books) - america-and-the-world-debating-the-new-shape-of-international-politics-foreign-affairs-books
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Publisher A CFR Book

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Price $19.95 hardcover

360 pages
ISBN 0876093152



Introduction by Gideon Rose

"The End of History"—Francis Fukuyama

"No Exit: The Errors of Endism"—Samuel P. Huntington

"The Clash of Civilizations?"—Samuel P. Huntington

"The Summoning"—Fouad Ajami

"The Coming Anarchy"—Robert D. Kaplan

"The Myth of Post-Cold War Chaos"—G. John Ikenberry

"The Rise of Illiberal Democracy"—Fareed Zakaria

"Liberalism and Democracy"—Marc Plattner

"Sense and Nonsense in the Globalization Debate"—Dani Rodrik

"Spreading the Wealth"—David Dollar & Aart Kraay

"Life After Pax Americana"—Charles A. Kupchan

"Power and Weakness"—Robert Kagan

"American Primacy in Perspective"—Stephen G. Brooks & William C. Wohlforth

"Why Do They Hate Us"—Fareed Zakaria

"Somebody Else's Civil War"—Michael Scott Doran

"Islam, Terror and Democracy"—Ladan Boroum & Roya Boroumand

"Beyond bin Laden: Reshaping U.S. Foreign Policy"—Stephen M. Walt

"The New Threat of Mass Destruction"—Richard K. Betts

"West Point Commencement Speech"—George W. Bush

"America's Imperial Ambition"—G. John Ikenberry

The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in a new era of international politics, one that people have been trying to get a handle on ever since. This collection is a record of the best attempts at that task over the last dozen years. It brings together many powerful thinkers, including Samuel P. Huntington, Francis Fukuyama, and Fareed Zakaria, trying to figure out the forces that are driving world events and how Americans should respond. What is more important: ideology, culture, or power? What lies ahead: order or chaos? What is democracy? How strong is the United States, and for what purposes should it use its strength? How vulnerable is it, and how can it protect itself?

The authors address these and many other questions, often directly engaging each others' arguments and educating the rest of us in the process. Originally published in Foreign Affairs and eight other leading journals and magazines, the articles constitute essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary international relations.

More About This Publication

James F. Hoge Jr. is editor of Foreign Affairs.

Gideon Rose is managing editor of Foreign Affairs.

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