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Fixing Our Foreign Policy: 12 Ideas From a Sometimes Critic

Author: Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations
May 27, 2014
Huffington Post


President Obama has been critical of his foreign policy critics of late, suggesting that they had little to propose other than military intervention. As a sometimes critic, I take exception to that charge, as I rarely support "boots on the ground," but do question the Obama administration both for what it is doing and not doing.

Ironically, the president just put 80 pairs of boots on the ground in Chad in an effort to locate and liberate the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. Hopefully this effort will accomplish just that, but even if it does, the criticism of the administration's foreign policy will not go away. Nor should it.

I appreciate that it does not take a whole lot of effort to find fault. In that spirit, here are a dozen proposals -- some likely to be popular, others anything but -- that if adopted would enhance this country's national security. I offer them now in the hope the president and his aides are open to new ideas as they prepare his much anticipated May 28 national security speech at West Point.

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