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FP: Is Foreign Policy Bipartisanship a Thing of the Past?

Author: Will Inboden
September 12, 2012


Will Inboden writes that the historic role of the Democratic Party of vocally opposing Republican policies only to later embrace those policies when they have been proven successful should at the least raise a skeptical eyebrow at the ongoing Democratic denunciations of Romney's foreign policy.

Reading the recent spate of Democratic attacks on Republican foreign policy, particularly against the Romney foreign policy platform, I have been struck by how frequently Democrats invoke the "bipartisan" foreign policy traditions of the past, and laud previous Republican presidents such as Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush for their wise statecraft. These sanctimonious hymns to bipartisanship are invariably accompanied by shrill denunciations of Gov. Mitt Romney and today's Republicans as "reckless," "ideological," and "extreme."

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