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FP: Pushing Back

March 28, 2012


Read this letter written by President Obama's advisors to presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in response to Romney's foreign policy advisors' letter that "painted a distorted picture" of Obama's national security record.

Dear Governor Romney,

The letter in yesterday's National Review signed by your foreign policy advisors painted a distorted picture of President Obama's national security record. We're writing you to set the record straight. Today, al Qaeda's senior leadership has been decimated, the Iraq war has been brought to a responsible end, the transition in Afghanistan has begun, and the president has restored our leadership role in the world. We urge you to clarify exactly how and why you would depart from many of President Obama's policies.

Because you have repeatedly said that your foreign policies will be informed by the advice of experts, we wanted to highlight some of the factual inaccuracies in the letter from your advisors. The American people deserve an honest, fact-based discussion about these important issues. Here are those facts:

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