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FT: Obama's Bounce Changes the World

March 22, 2010


Increasingly over the past year Mr Obama was portrayed overseas as weak, indecisive and ineffective. According to Gideon Rachman of FT, that is now likely to change - at least for a while - in the wake of the passage of healthcare reform.

President Barack Obama has leapt out of his political sick-bed, ripped out his feeding tubes and is ready to dance a jig around the Oval office. The Congressional approval of healthcare reform has reinvigorated the Obama presidency in a way that has implications not just for Americans, but for the world.

By pushing through a social reform that eluded generations of presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, Mr Obama can now point to a genuinely historic achievement. He has turned around his image as a weak president who cannot get things done - just when it was getting dangerously close to becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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