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Government Accountability Office: Aviation Security

October 2011


The U.S. Government Accountability Office recommends the Transportation Security Association strengthen its foreign airport assessment program and use its results to improve U.S. aviation security.

What GAO Found

Since 2007, TSA has taken a number of steps to enhance its foreign airport assessment program, some of which were taken in response to GAO’s prior recommendations. For example, TSA updated its policies and methodologies used to guide and prioritize its assessment efforts, and implemented tools to track its annual assessment schedule, airport assessment results, and foreign government progress in resolving security deficiencies previously identified during the assessments. However, challenges remain in gaining access to some foreign airports, developing an automated database to better manage program information, prioritizing and providing training and technical assistance to foreign countries, and expanding the scope of TSA’s airport assessments to include all-cargo operations. TSA has various efforts under way to address these challenges.

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