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Latino Immigrant Entrepreneurs: How to Capitalize on Their Economic Potential

A CFR Working Paper

Author: Alexandra Starr, Emerson Fellow, New America Foundation

Latino Immigrant Entrepreneurs: How to Capitalize on Their Economic Potential - latino-immigrant-entrepreneurs-how-to-capitalize-on-their-economic-potential

Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press

Release Date September 2012

20 pages



See CFR Senior Fellow and Renewing America Director Edward Alden's accompanying blog post here.

Latino immigrant entrepreneurs are making important yet largely overlooked contributions to the U.S. economy. With expanding Latino markets at home and abroad, their economic impact is set to grow. But roadblocks stand in the way. Policy changes--including visa reform, improving access to credit, and a more ambitious trade agenda with Latin American countries--would help the United States unlock the full potential of its Latino immigrant entrepreneurs.

More About This Publication

Alexandra Starr is an Emerson fellow at the New America Foundation, where she focuses on immigration and U.S. competitiveness.

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