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Naval Operating Concept 2010 (NOC 10)

Published May 24, 2010


National Strategy

Naval Operating Concept 2010 (NOC 10)

The U.S. Navy states, "Naval Operations Concept 2010 (NOC 10) describes when, where and how U.S. naval forces will contribute to preventing conflict and prevailing in war. It guides Maritime Strategy implementation in a manner consistent with national strategy, and describes the ways with which the sea services will achieve the ends articulated in A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower.

The U.S. Marine Corps adds, "NOC 10 identifies preventing war and prevailing in combat as the two goals of the U.S. Naval Service.  The overarching concept to achieve these goals is to use the sea as maneuver space, and to employ naval forces with the capabilities required to do that.  The capabilities of forward presence, maritime security, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, sea control, power project and deterrence all have their place in contributing to preventing war or prevailing in combat.

The goals of the Naval Service and the capabilities provided dovetail well with the Marine Corps’ Core Competencies as identified in the document “Vision and Strategy 2025”.  The challenge ahead for the Naval Service will be implementing NOC 10 in a changing world with limited budgets.  Setting priorities for such long-term acquisitions as ships and fighting vehicles will be of key importance as the Naval Services build proficiency in the capabilities they provide."

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