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NY Daily News: Harness the Power of School Choice

Author: Joel I. Klein, News Corporation
March 23, 2012


Joel Klein, former New York City schools chancellor, discusses the importance of school choice and competition to better the American education system.

It is easy to find examples of dynamic innovation in the United States: the light bulb, the Model T, Broadway musicals, Disney, jazz, the polio vaccine, the personal computer, the Internet, Starbucks, eBay, Netflix, Google, the Human Genome Project, the iPod, Facebook — and the list goes on.

It is much harder to point to examples like these in K-12 public education.

For decades, teaching and learning have changed little and student outcomes have hardly budged. Since 1960, we have tripled our investment in the education status quo in real dollars, but we have received little in terms of results.

Today, even as students in Asia and Europe are making rapid academic gains and surpassing American students in core subjects, only a third of U.S. students are proficient in math, reading and science, and only a quarter of our high school graduates are considered college ready.

Why is innovation lacking in U.S. education?

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