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NYT: In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent

Authors: David E. Sanger, John Markoff, and Thom Shanker
January 25, 2010


As part of the New York Times' "Cyberwar" series examining the growing use of computer power as a weapon, David E. Sanger et al. discuss the U.S. government's failing efforts cyber security.

WASHINGTON - On a Monday morning earlier this month, top Pentagon leaders gathered to simulate how they would respond to a sophisticated cyberattack aimed at paralyzing the nation's power grids, its communications systems or its financial networks.

The results were dispiriting. The enemy had all the advantages: stealth, anonymity and unpredictability. No one could pinpoint the country from which the attack came, so there was no effective way to deter further damage by threatening retaliation. What's more, the military commanders noted that they even lacked the legal authority to respond - especially because it was never clear if the attack was an act of vandalism, an attempt at commercial theft or a state-sponsored effort to cripple the United States, perhaps as a prelude to a conventional war.


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