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Politico: Mitt Romney Outlines His Governing Plan to Politico

Authors: Jim Vandehei, and Mike Allen
August 27, 2012


In an interview with Politico, Romney discusses issues ranging from his likeability to Obama's upcoming convention speech and his approach to the presidency.

When they take the podium in Tampa this week during the Republican National Convention, both Romney and his running mate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) plan to explicitly deconstruct the promises Obama made four years ago in front of the Greek columns on stage in Denver.

"I haven't finished my speech yet, so I'm in the very early process of my speech, but most of what I'm speaking about is the great distinction between the course I would take and the course the president would take," he said.

"I happen to know that he will deliver an eloquent speech [at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte, N.C.]. I haven't seen it, but I know it will be eloquent. I know it will have grand promises. What I hope people do is remember what he said in Denver, and look to the promises there and compare that with the record, and they will say he promised one thing and did entirely different things."

Romney's point: You had love, you had hero worship, you had emotion. How did that work out?

What is most striking about his own governing plans is the corporate, metrics-driven approach he feels can be applied to the federal government.

"It is my practice to meet with people that share responsibility for some type of enterprise and to establish very clear goals and objectives, so they know what they're to accomplish."

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