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U.S. Infrastructure: Smart Cities: Paving the Way

Author: Spencer Green
December 1, 2011


Spencer Green discusses the future of smart cities, the developmental disparity between design and construction technology, and the implications of President Obama's stimulus bill for clean energy and renewed infrastructure.

As urban populations continue to grow at an unstable speed in inefficient contexts, smart cities are being looked up to as the saviour of next generation infrastructure – but what do they actually entail?

Hitting the 'off' button on your solar-charged alarm clock after cursing your ability to 'snooze' for the third time this week, you walk over to take your morning shower in recycled waste water - heated throughout the night with a reserve store of clean energy - before heading downstairs to program the house for the day and reverse your minimalist, electrically-charged car out of its docking bay. You toaster knows you've left, so off it goes, along with your foe-turned-friend alarm clock. The dull hum of stand-by electronics winds itself down throughout the house just in time for you to hear as the magnetic deadlock on your door clicks shut. The smile on your face, accrued from another carbon-saving day, arrives at work just in time to see you walk into your double-platinum, LEED-certified office building, surrounded by a depth of luscious flora, of course.

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