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Worst. Start. Ever.

Author: Max Boot, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies
February 7, 2017


To say that President Donald Trump had a bad first two weeks in office is like saying that Plan Nine from Outer Space was not a great movie.

Trump arguably had one good day in his first two weeks, on Jan. 31, when he rolled out the nomination of the well-qualified Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court — and that only was because he resisted the temptation to stage an Apprentice-style extravaganza with both the winner and runner-up sitting in the audience. Of course, Trump was compelled to move up the announcement of a Supreme Court pick, previously scheduled for Feb. 2, to distract from the scathing news coverage about his executive order banning all refugees and visitors from seven Muslim nations. Other than the Gorsuch selection, which is enthusiastically applauded by all conservatives and even by a few principled liberals, it’s been one snafu after another.

Trump is experiencing the highest disapproval ratings of any newly inaugurated president. Millions of people have marched to protest him — far more than gathered to watch his inauguration. The opposition party is already more militantly mobilized than against any previous president other than possibly Nixon, post-Watergate. Federal judges have gutted his most high-profile initiative, an executive order on immigration, after it revoked more than 60,000 visas. (If more faithfully implemented, we now learn, it might have shut down all tourism to the United States.) The president’s staff is so inept that when it issued a list of 16 foreign leaders Trump has spoken to, it included the “president of Australia.” (Ahem, that would be the prime minister.) And the president is so ignorant and ill-prepared that in commemorating Black History Month, he gave the impression that he thinks Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895, is still alive.

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