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Weapons of Mass Destruction: Threat and Response (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair, and James F. Hoge Jr.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Threat and Response (Foreign Affairs Books) - weapons-of-mass-destruction-threat-and-response-foreign-affairs-books

Publisher Foreign Affairs

Release Date January 2001

Price Out of Print

142 pages
ISBN 0876092989




Lessons of the Next Nuclear War
Michael Mandelbaum,  Foreign Affairs,  March/April 1995

The Second Coming of the Nuclear Age
Fred Charles Iklé,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1996

The New Threat of Mass Destruction
Richard K. Betts,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1998

Sanctions of Mass Destruction
John Mueller and Karl Mueller,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 1999

Star Wars Strikes Back
Michael O'Hanlon,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1999

The Folly of Arms Control
Jonathan Schell,  Foreign Affairs,  Septemeber/October 2000

China: The Forgotten Nuclear Power
Brad Roberts, Robert A. Manning, and Ronald N. Montaperto,  Foreign Affairs,  July/August 2000

The Nightmare of Bioterrorism
Laurie Garrett,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 2001

Lost in Space: the Misguided Drive Toward Antisatellite Weapons
Michael Krepon,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 2001

Preparing for the Next Attack
William Perry,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 2001

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