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Family Planning and Economic Growth

Author: Joy Phumaphi, African Leaders Malaria Alliance

Family Planning and Economic Growth - family-planning-and-economic-growth

Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press

Release Date April 2011

10 pages


One of the greatest challenges facing some of the poorest developing countries is the urgent need for comprehensive, integrated reproductive health services, including family planning. If unanswered, this challenge will jeopardize poverty reduction measures taken by governments, civil society, and aid-based organizations and threaten their long-term growth prospects. In this Working Paper, part of a series from CFR's Women and Foreign Policy program, Joy Phumaphi explores the relationship between access to voluntary family planning and economic growth.

More About This Publication

Joy Phumaphi is currently the executive secretary of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance. She is a former vice president of the Human Development Network at the World Bank, assistant director-general

of family and community health and director-general's representative on gender equality at

the World Health Organization, and minister of health of Botswana. She is a distinguished Africa-America

Institute fellow, a member of the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health, the

Gates Foundation advisory panel for global health, the Global Health Council, and Save the Children

International, and a trustee of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation.

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