Women, War, and Peace: Lessons from the Field

Ryan Crocker Kissinger Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon Fellow and Deputy Director, Women and Foreign Policy Program, Council on Foreign Relations
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Women, War and Peace: Lessons from Afghanistan

Gayle Lemmon, Deputy Director, Women and Foreign Policy Program at CFR and former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan speak on how to involve more women in the peacekeeping process.

Women and Girls in the Afghanistan Transition

Following the release of her report on the status of women in Afghanistan, Catherine Powell moderates a discussion with Open Society Foundations' Rachel Reid and the U.S. Department of Defense's David Sedney on the role the United States can play in extending the progress of Afghan in women in education, the economy, health care, and beyond.

Afghan Women and Girls After 2014

As the international combat mission in Afghanistan comes to a close, Catherine Powell discusses Afghan women and girls’ need for security and stability with Barnett Rubin and Rina Amiri. 

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