2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtable on International Relations: Panel Discussion: Enhancing the U.S. Role in the World

Madeleine K. Albright Chairman, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs; Former U.S. Secretary of State
Geoffrey Garin President, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
Richard N. Haass President, Council on Foreign Relations
Richard C. Holbrooke Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC; Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. Mission to the United Nations
Jessica T. Mathews President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Jim Polsfut Chairman, 2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtable
Vin Weber Chair, National Endowment for Democracy
Timothy E. Wirth Chief Executive Officer, United Nations Foundation
Tom Brokaw Special Correspondent, NBC News

This session was part of a symposium, cosponsored with the University of Denver's Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the City and County of Denver's 2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtable.


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