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Abuja Declaration

Published April 27, 2001



Abuja Declaration

The UN Special Envoy for HIV and AIDS in Africa states, “In 2001, African leaders declared that "AIDS is a state of emergency in the continent" and pledged amongst other things to place the fight against HIV and AIDS at the forefront and as the highest priority issue in our respective national development plans. They also committed to taking personal responsibility and providing leadership for the activities of the National AIDS Commissions/Councils.

African leaders committed themselves to take all necessary measures to ensure that the needed resources are made available from all sources, and that they are efficiently and effectively utilized. They went further to set a target of allocating at least 15 per cent of their annual budgets to the improvement of the health sector.

…To date few, African countries have attained the 2001 Abuja Declaration target of 15 per cent of annual national expenditures on health services and there are currently no Anti Retroviral drug factories on the continent.”

The declaration was adopted on April 27, 2001 at the African Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases in Abuja, Nigeria.


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