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Agriculture and Food: Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Sector-Specific Plan as input to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan

Published May 2007

"Protecting the Nation's agriculture and food critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) is an important responsibility shared by Federal, State, local, and tribal governments and private industry. Because of the open nature of many portions of the Food and Agriculture Sector,attacks against the Nation by using food or agricultural infrastructure or resources as weapons could have a devastating impact on public health and the economy. Traditional physical security practices alone cannot protect the sector. A protection plan for food and agricultureinfrastructure and resources must focus on planning and preparedness, as well as early awareness of an attack. Science-based surveillance measures are essential to recognizing a possible attack on the sector so that rapid response and recovery efforts can be implemented to mitigate the impact of an attack. A protection plan must also be coordinated closely with response and recovery plans."

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