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Antitrust Goes Global

What Future for Transatlantic Cooperation?

Editors: Simon Evenett, Alexander Lehmann, and , Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics

Antitrust Goes Global - antitrust-goes-global
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Publisher Brookings Institution Press

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Price $49.95 hardcover

160 pages


How will the rapid growth of trade, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and international joint ventures alter antitrust enforcement? Can national antitrust enforcement guard against anticompetitive corporate practices in a globalizing world? Or will international friction increase as nations disagree over antitrust cases, like the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger? Recognizing the sheer volume of transatlantic commerce, the EU and U.S. have long cooperated on antitrust matters, but what has that cooperation achieved? And how far should such cooperation go in the future? This volume addresses these questions in the context of antitrust policies towards cartels, mergers and acquisitions, and vertical restraints. Leading experts elucidate the changing nature of antitrust enforcement on both sides of the Atlantic, with a keen eye to future multilateral, as well as bilateral, developments.

More About This Publication

Simon J. Evenett is an economist in the Development Economic Research Group at the World Bank, moderator of the Brookings Roundtable on Trade and Investment Policy at the Brookings Institution, and research affiliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Alexander Lehmann is an economist at the International Monetary Fund.

Benn Steil is a senior fellow in U.S. foreign economic policy and Linda J. Wachner chair in foreign economic policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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