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The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur

How to be Effective in Any Unruly Organization

Author: , President, Council on Foreign Relations

The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur - the-bureaucratic-entrepreneur
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Publisher Brookings Institution Press

Release Date December 1998

Price $18.95 hardcover

220 pages
ISBN 978-0815733539


How do you figure out what to do in a job? How do you get it done? How should you deal with demanding bosses? How can you get the most out of subordinates? What should you do to get along with difficult colleagues and handle powerful interest groups and the media? Just how can you succeed in a world where persuasion rather than direct command is the rule? Using a compass as his operating metaphor—your boss is north of you, your staff is south, colleagues are east and so on—Richard N. Haass provides clear, practical guidelines for setting goals and translating goals into results. The result is a lively, useful book for the tens of millions of Americans working in complex and unruly organizations of every sort and for students of both public administration and business. The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur is a new and updated edition of Haass's 1994 book, The Power to Persuade.

More About This Publication

Richard N. Haass was a special assistant to President George H.W. Bush and a senior director on the National Security Council staff, where he received the Presidential Citizens Medal. Director of foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution, he has held posts in the Departments of Defense and State and is a consultant for NBC News.