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Business Action for Africa: From Crisis to Opportunity

June 2009


This Business Action for Africa report consists of expert briefs by government, business, and NGO leaders on African growth and development, with policy recommendations on how businesses can manage and innovate through the global economic crisis.

The economic crisis, with its origins in developed countries, is hitting Africa hard and is underscoring the region's continued vulnerability. It also reminds us of the great progress Africa has been making in recent years, and what can be achieved amidst adversity. The world needs to emerge from this crisis with an economic system that is more sustainable and more equitable, one that not only better integrates African and other emerging nations into the global system, but that includes them in the architecture of international institutions, with a voice commensurate with their role in human development. Emerging from the crisis is also a clear opportunity for Africa to pioneer a low-carbon development model. As the recently launched Africa Progress Panel Annual Report points out, the economic, climate change and food security crises are all linked. They cannot be tackled separately.

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