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Council Highlights Global Campaign For Education Week (April 23-29, 2007)

Related Bio: Gene B. Sperling, Senior Fellow for Economic Policy and Director of the Center for Universal Education
April 25, 2007


The Council’s Center for Universal Education has partnered with PBS Wide Angle as well as Channel Thirteen and the U.S. Global Campaign for Education to distribute the PBS Wide Angle documentary, “Back to School.” This documentary is the second in a twelve-year series that tracks the education and lives of seven children from Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India, Japan, Kenya, and Romania.  This CFR-PBS partnership is a means to increase outreach of CFR’s work to educators and young people around the United States and the world. Currently, 1,000 schools in forty states have signed up to receive the DVDs and curriculum to be used in educational settings. As a limited supply remains, educators interested in receiving this documentary and learning materials can sign up by going to For more information, contact Gene Sperling,senior fellow for economic policy and director of the Center for Universal Education, at 1-202-518-3401 or

The Center for Universal Education seeks to further strategic thinking on how to achieve universal education by producing accessible policy analysis and facilitating ongoing discussions between donor countries, aid organizations and poor nations on the issues critical to promoting basic education in the developing world.

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