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Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, 2001

Published June 2001



Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, 2001

The Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS states, “In June 2001, Heads of State and Representatives of Governments met at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session dedicated to HIV/AIDS.

The meeting was a major milestone in the AIDS response. It was recognized that the AIDS epidemic had caused untold suffering and death worldwide. The UN Special Session also served to remind the world that there was hope. With sufficient will and resources, communities and countries could change the epidemic’s deadly course. The theme global crisis requiring global action served to underline the need for urgent attention.

At the meeting, Heads of State and Representatives of Governments issued the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The Declaration remains a powerful tool that is helping to guide and secure action, commitment, support and resources for the AIDS response. “


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