Digital Openness in Closed Societies

Jeff Jarvis Author, BuzzMachine; Director, New Media Program, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
John Palfrey Clinical Professor of Law and Executive Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School
Michael Moran Executive Editor,
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Questions Loom After Dubai Pullout

Dubai Ports World has agreed to divest itself of its U.S. ports holdings that were the focal point of a firestorm in Congress over the last two weeks. Though the move should calm immediate fears, the larger questions of port security and foreign control of U.S. infrastructure are likely to linger.

U.S. Immigration Policy: Report of a CFR-Sponsored Independent Task Force

Watch the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy Co-Chairs discuss the report, which concludes that the failure to reform immigration laws and procedures threatens to harm America's economy, jeopardize its diplomacy, and weaken its national security.

American Workers Need a Powerful Voice, Not Mere Bluster

As Congress debates whether to grant President Obama authority to complete the most ambitious trade agenda in a generation, the most important organized voice for America’s workforce is once again in a familiar place — standing outside, screaming for lawmakers to stop.

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