Edward Alden and Shannon K. O'Neil on Immigration and Border Security

Edward Alden

Council on Foreign Relations

Shannon K. O'Neil
Shannon K. O'Neil

Council on Foreign Relations

Robert McMahon

Council on Foreign Relations

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U.S. Immigration Policy: Report of a CFR-Sponsored Independent Task Force

The Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy argues that the failure to reform immigration laws and procedures threatens to harm America's economy, jeopardize its diplomacy, and weaken its national security. It makes the case that maintaining America's political and economic leadership depends on attracting talented and hard-working immigrants, and on securing the country's borders in a smart, effective, and humane way. The report urges Congress and the administration to undertake a new comprehensive reform effort with three central components: the creation of a more efficient legal immigration system that responds to labor market needs and enhances U.S. competitiveness; a strong enforcement regime that secures U.S. borders and ends the hiring of unauthorized workers; and a program of earned legalization that will offer an opportunity for many illegal immigrants to earn the right to remain in the United States.

Media Conference Call: The Future of Immigration Reform (Audio)

Listen to Edward Alden discuss Arizona's controversial new immigration law and its implications for comprehensive immigration reform.

Media Call: Border Security and U.S. Immigration Policy

CFR Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow Edward Alden and CFR Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies Shannon O'Neil talk to CFR.org Editor Robert McMahon about border security and U.S. immigration policy.

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