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Former White House Economic Adviser is First Linda J. Wachner Fellow

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March 23, 1998
Council on Foreign Relations


Former White House Economic Adviser is First Linda J. Wachner Fellow

March 23, 1998 - March 23, 1998-Daniel K. Tarullo, who served as an assistant to President Clinton on international economic policy for the past year, has joined the Council on Foreign Relations as the first Linda J. Wachner Senior Fellow for U.S. foreign economic policy.

Tarullo's research will focus on international management of the Asian crisis, economic coordination between the United States and Europe, and U.S. economic leadership. He is based in Washington.

Tarullo worked at the White House for two years, including one year as deputy assistant to the president for economic policy. While at the White House, he was a principal on both the National Security Council and the National Economic Council.

In 1995, Tarullo was appointed as President Clinton's personal representative, or "sherpa," to the G-7 group of industrialized nations. He previously held senior positions at the Departments of State, Commerce, and Justice, at private law firms, and in academia.

A Boston native, Tarullo has written extensively on the international economy, trade, and international law.

Linda J. Wachner, chairman and CEO of Warnaco Inc., funded the chair.