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Freeing the Global Market: How to Boost the Economy by Curbing Regulatory Distortions

A CFR Working Paper

Author: Shanker A. Singham, Partner, Squire Sanders

Freeing the Global Market: How to Boost the Economy by Curbing Regulatory Distortions - freeing-the-global-market-how-to-boost-the-economy-by-curbing-regulatory-distortions

Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press

Release Date October 2012

20 pages



See CFR Senior Fellow and Renewing America Director Edward Alden's accompanying blog post here.

One of the most worrisome trends in international trade is the growing use of government-imposed anticompetitive market distortions (ACMDs) in advanced developing countries. The distortions harm some of the most valuable U.S. export interests and the welfare of consumers in the countries where they exist. Shanker Singham details the scale of the ACMD problem and a strategy for the United States to combat them.

More About This Publication

Shanker Singham is chairman of the International Roundtable on Trade and Competition Policy and a partner at the global law firm Squire Sanders, where he leads the global market access practice.

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