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Global Health Update, February 24, 2010

Author: Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health
February 24, 2010
Council on Foreign Relations


This is an e-newsletter produced by CFR's Global Health Program. You can read the full newsletter as a PDF here.

The Obama Administration Global Health Initiative Advances

February 22, 2010, marked the deadline for public comments on the Obama administration's Global Health Initiative (GHI) consultation document. The Council on Foreign Relations' Global Health Program sent a critique (found at the end of this update) that focuses on the paucity of structural, organizational information in the design of the GHI. Much has been made elsewhere about the relative apportionments of the $63 billion to various health initiatives, with most groups grumbling that their respective disease issues are under-funded in the Obama scheme. We are agnostic on those financial details, and expect that much will change in annual Congressional Appropriations squabbles.

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