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International Reporting Project: Odinga: "This country was at the precipice."

Prepared by: Shravan Vidyarthi
August 3, 2009


In this filmed interview, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaks about the challenges facing his government and the importance of rebuilding Kenya's economy.

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga met with IRP Gatekeepers on June 7, 2009, for an exclusive one-hour interview. Odinga was the opposition candidate in the disputed presidential elections in late 2007 that led to ethnic-based violence that left hundreds dead. An international mediation effort created a coalition government in which Odinga serves with his election foe, President Mwai Kibaki. (The IRP requested an interview with Kibaki but it was not granted.) In his interview with the IRP Gatekepers, Odinga talked about the challenges of governance, restoring Kenya's economy and the U.S. role in the country. The video was filmed by Shravan Vidyarthi for the IRP.

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