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International Trade, Dealing with China, and Justice for Lebanon

March 11, 2009


Arab News

  • Lebanon and the Tribunal: Columnist Osama Al Sharif considers the Special Tribunal for Lebanon set up in The Hague to punish the killers of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He concludes that any judgment may increase factional tensions in the country.

Business Day (South Africa)

  • Lessons from Rwanda: Melissa Steyn of the University of Cape Town looks back at the experience of Rwanda to urge for restraint in the upcoming South African elections. Steyn warns against the harmful effects of destructive language, and urges all the parties to show each other respect.

China Daily

  • Gaza Reconstruction: Columnist Zhu Weilie, a professor in Middle East Studies at Shanghai University, looks at the promises made by international donors to help reconstruct Gaza. He notes that these promises far exceeded expectations, but stresses that the time has come to deliver on them.

Christian Science Monitor

  • Obama and India: Xenia Dormandy, an associate with the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School, stresses the need for President Obama not to neglect what she sees as a crucial relationship with India. The writer stresses that in many areas, from global security to China, India is important for the United States.

Financial Times

  • Transatlantic unity: In an editorial, the Financial Times says that it will take a joint effort on both sides of the Atlantic to help pull the world out of financial crisis. In the run-up to the G-20 meeting in London in April, the paper says it is essential for the United States and Europe to pull together.


  • Tax Havens: The Guardian in an editorial looks at international tax havens and declares that it is time they are obliged to give up their secrets. This would help governments worldwide as they seek to boost revenues and to crack down on tax dodgers.

Hindustan Times

  • Pakistan's Army: Commentator Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad is concerned that the security situation and political turmoil in Pakistan could lead to another takeover by the military. In particular, he looks at the career of army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani, and warns that politics should be left to the politicians.

Jerusalem Post

  • 'Israel's Crimes': An editorial in the Jerusalem Post takes the Yesh Din group to task for what it sees as constant attacks on Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. The newspaper argues that the group should look first at its dependency on foreign donations before it criticizes its own country.

Jordan Times

  • The Kepler Mission: In an editorial, the Jordan Times applauds the U.S. Kepler mission to investigate whether there is life on other planets. While admiring the boldness of the mission, the paper concludes that it is perhaps more important for nations on earth to come together to forge common approaches to the challenges facing us here on earth.

Los Angeles Times

  • Policing the Financial Industry: A Los Angeles Times editorial looks at the new regulations proposed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke to regulate the financial industry. This includes both tougher and more flexible measures, but the paper is skeptical that even with the new rules, someone like Bernard Madoff would be detected.

New York Times

  • Obama's Trade Agenda: In an editorial, the New York Times urges the Obama administration to see foreign trade as an important part of stimulating the world economy. The paper urges him not to resort to protectionism, but to seize the advantages of increasing exchanges throughout the world. 
  • The U.S. and Torture: Former military interrogators, Steven Kleinman and Matthew Alexander, consider the Obama administration's ban on the use of torture, and look at what this implies for interrogation techniques.

Standard (Kenya)

  • IMF and Global Recession: On the day that the IMF is in talks with the Kenyan government over a substantial loan facility, the Standard warns that the pain of the global financial crisis is likely to be at its most acute in Africa, and urges the Kenyan government to take urgent measures to spend in order to stimulate the local economy.

Telegraph (UK)

  • Tibet: In an editorial, it considers the fiftieth anniversary of the Dalai Lama's exile from Tibet. It takes Western governments to task for trying to placate China, rather than supporting Tibetans, and calls on China to allow foreign journalists access.

Times of London

  • France and NATO: In an editorial, it looks forward to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's expected announcement that his country will rejoin NATO's integrated military command. The paper applauds the decision, stressing that closer cooperation will help the fight against international terrorism, while not diminishing France's sovereignty in any way.

 Globe and Mail (Canada)

  • Tibet: An editorial looks back at Tuesday's Tibetan anniversary. It fully supports the Dalai Lama, and calls on the Chinese government not to try to 'whitewash' history, but to face up to its obligations with regard to Tibet.

Wall Street Journal

  • China and the U.S. Navy: In an editorial, it looks at an incident of 'harassment' of a U.S. navy ship by Chinese boats. It uses the incident to question the usefulness of the UN Law of the Sea treaty, and urges the Obama administration to stand firm.
  • Foreign Talent Needed: A Wall Street Journal editorial takes the Bank of America to task for rescinding job offers to foreign-born graduates. The newspaper sees this as protectionism, and stresses that the United States needs foreign talent if it is to boost its economy to emerge quickly from the current crisis.

Washington Post

  • G-20 Summit: An editorial in the Washington Post looks forward to April's G-20 summit in London. The newspaper calls on Western governments to seize this opportunity to help make the global economy less 'lopsided' and more just.