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Issue Guide: State of the Union

Author: Toni Johnson
Updated: January 25, 2011


President Barack Obama's 2011 State of the Union address is expected to largely focus on the challenge of job creation and improving U.S. competitiveness--potentially building on last week's promise of regulatory reform. Another likely topic is balancing government spending priorities with the need to tackle ever-mounting U.S. debt, an issue increasingly tied to the country's national security. The president will also likely cite arms control, broader diplomatic challenges, and energy and the environment, issues highlighted in previous speeches. The following materials from and Foreign Affairs offer background and analysis of the most pressing matters facing the nation.


U.S. Competiveness and Trade

Crisis Guide: The Global Economy

U.S. Debt Crisis and Fiscal Discipline

U.S. Security and Foreign Policy

Energy and Environment

Diplomacy and Soft Power

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