How to Leave a Stable Iraq

Stephen D. Biddle Senior Fellow for Defense Policy, CFR; Coauthor, "How to Leave a Stable Iraq," Foreign Affairs, September/October 2008
Irina A. Faskianos Vice President, National Program & Outreach, Council on Foreign Relations
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Academic Conference Call: How to Leave a Stable Iraq (Audio)

Listen to Stephen Biddle, senior fellow for defense policy at CFR, discuss his recent Foreign Affairs article, "How to Leave a Stable Iraq," with students as part of the CFR Academic Conference Call Series.

In Iraq, Obama Has Two Terrible Choices

In his efforts to save Iraq, President Obama is right to demand more power-sharing and other political reforms from Iraqi leaders before the United States offers more military assistance. But Obama should not think he can hold off offering such assistance until he secures those reforms—not if he wants to prevent the bloody breakup of the country and a wider regional war.

Can Iraq Save Itself?

As prime minister, Haider al-Abadi could lead Iraq in a positive direction, but long-term stability in the war-torn country will require political concessions from all factions, explains expert Ned Parker.

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